Indezon Distributor model

Indezon presence is spreads across India, including rural India and semi urban areas with more than 50000+ retail touch points responsible for connecting 1million customers to 100 +services. These services, made available through our channel partners and distributors.

Now we have added our White label ATM Product in distributor model who wish to source business and getregular income. If the individual has a good network in the market and want to explore your entrepreneur’sskill and achieve high ends join us Distributor or Super Distributor and earn more than 1 lakh per month.

We pay Commissions for each money transfer transaction, all you need to do is to collect cash from agents and transfer to their trading balance. You earn per TXNcash withdrawal from AEPS services and each Debit card TXNand lot more. As the agents increase, the transactions will increase resulting more commissions. In White Label ATM we pay acquisition commission and transaction income to our common distributors. More you acquire White Label ATM, we pay per transaction commission.

Benefit to Distributors

1. Create Agents and Distributors in your location

2. Earn commission for each successful transaction.

3. Instant and real time Balance Upload.

4. Get training and dedicated customer support

5. Get experience to manage large teams.

6. Get Distributor admin portal to manage agents and distributor

7. Use both web portal and mobile application

What value added services we give to Indezon Distributors?

We at Indezon not only encourage entrepreneur but make working easier to our distributors so that they done face identity issue in market and work freely to build agents and distributors .To overcome this we take KYC from our Channel partner and Issue company related documents.

We provide Notarized Agreement copy

We issue Appointment Letter

We issue personalized Visiting card

We issue Personalized ID card along with working location