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Permanent Account Number (PAN) is 10 digit number issued by the Income Tax Department in India, as the unique identification number allotted to each taxpayer of the country. Nowadays, it's not solely used for following taxpayers however conjointly a number of the foremost necessary for day to day transactions. like land purchase, Opening bank accounts .Purchase of goods and services and unending list. A minor may also avail of a PAN card by providing his/her guardian’s PAN details.

Besides all the PAN card is now linked with the Aadhaar card to avoid duplicate Pan Card.This Pan card is a laminated card by the Income Tax Department in India and individual can carry and used it as ID proof and in some cases as signature proof

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How To Get PAN Franchise?

We are leading PAN card agency provider / authorized PAN Card Centre of the UTIITSL in the capacity of reseller .You can apply for a PAN card for any type of person, be it an individual, company, society, trust, AOP or BOI as soon as possible. In this regard, online PAN Card Agents/UTI PSA Agents has toopen retail outlets to assist applicants in the PAN card application process. The biggest concern for PAN card applicants is how to fill out PAN card application form and where to submit it. However, this is where we need specialized and trained pan card agents who provide desired services of pan card making .There is one more option of E-Pan card where customer can get pan card instantly if Agents has Biometric device and Adhar no is available to verify all details .It generates instant Pan card.

The PAN application form contains a provision that indicates the physical PAN card and e-PAN card option

Some of the key benefits of the PAN Service Agency are:

Authorized to pan card for public

Increase product line and customer base

Buy Coupon at very small rates

Earn Commission on each PAN card application.

Option to edit name and other details if agency is available

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Process for New PAN Card Application

Indezon accepts PAN requests on behalf of UTIITSL. Agents registered with us can apply pan card by following simple step.

A. Physical PanCard
B. Email Pan card

Select Physical Pan Card or E Pan Card

You can obtain PAN applications from UTITSL Website and fill the form online on the behalf of your customer or applicants.

Fill form

Paste applicants photo in the form and ask applicants to sign as per the given instructions and scan it


Scan any document for address proof and date of birth proof from list of list of documents required for pan card and get it self-attested andalong with Aadhar card which is mandatory now to make pan card.

Attach all documents along with the application form and upload it along with scanned signature and snap online and make payment online and get instant commission.

Get Pan Card

Submit all hardcopy of the documents to company registered address.

Pan card correction

The application is usually processed within 15 days, provided that the application is consistent with all original documents. In case of E-Pan, itget generated online within 48 hours of request



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