What is POS Machine?

A Pos Machine is a Point of sale Machine that is equipped with card reader for accepting cashless payment. It includes debit and credit card reader for accepting payments. It includes a cash register to maintain a sales history for accounting, generate instant receipt for customer for their accounting, in modern day now it comprises computer, monitor, cashdrawer, receiptprinter, bar code scanner and customer display. In recent times it also used to pay cash@Pos like ATM machine.

We have strong portfolio of POS services which allow our channel partners and end customers to easily pick and choose to get desired services for meeting their business objectives. We provide customised solutions to institutions, retail shops, and small and big industries for accepting cashless transactions.

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Pos Machine-A Business opportunity

If you are looking to build a merchant network or you have business which are distributed indifferent outlet, regions or if you have a merchant that need POS Terminal, then you have come at right place. We can be your ideal partner in your endeavour to integrate your business with POS machine. Indezon work as reseller of POS machine and gives best services in terms of price and MDR rates. Its increase your business capacity and create value in your business via better cash management and increases your profitability.


Currently POS Machine is added with added facility where debit card holder can visit nearby POS Terminal and swipe his debit card to get cash. This facility is available to card holder even if he does not make any purchase. Here POS terminal is used for dual purpose for purchase transaction and Cash@POS. Maximum withdrawal limit is Rs.2000 per day in either 1 transaction or 2 transactions of Rs.1000 each or as per bank guidelines.

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Swipe or

Enter the amount and swipe or insert the card


Customer to enter the PIN to authenticate the transaction


Transaction complete. Send digital receipt to customer via SMS or Email

Card Management And Gateway

Mdr Rates: MDR(Merchant Discount Rates) is cost paid by merchant to bank for accepting payment of debit and credit card transaction. Bank can lower charge for some specific category of merchant and if sales volume increases. Merchant generally pay 1% to 3 % + GST for processing credit card transaction. For debit card it is governed by RBI from time to time. Currently it is .90% + GST/.

Mpos:MPOS (Mobile POS) is device which is works like GPRS POS Machine and has card reader and accept payment .MPOS is paired with additional device likeandroid based smartphone, tablet via Bluetooth. Merchant has to download additional Application of Service provider where amount is entered before transaction and once submit button is pressed, merchant has to insert/swipe card in MPOS for Pin Confirmation. Once successfully verified E-receipt is generated in Application for sending to customer.Application is also used to see transaction and settlement history. It’s safe and secure.

Payment Gateway:A payment gateway is path used by merchant or user to accept payment from customer either from debit /credit card, net banking and PPI wallet or prepaid card, UPI.Physical swiping of card is not required. It facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal (smart phone, website) and the front end processors or acquiring bank.

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