White Label ATM

That ATMs Setup which are, owned and operated by non-banks are called white label ATMs and are authorized under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007, by the RBI. Using these ATMs is similar to using an ATM of a bank other than the bank where you have your account. Currently there are eight white label operators in the country — AGS Transact Technologies, BTI Payments, Hitachi Payment Services, Muthoot Finance, RiddiSiddhi Bullions, SREI Infrastructure Finance, Tata Communications Payment Solutions, and Vakrangee. While debit card issuance increased rapidly in the last few years, the number of ATMs has not increased commensurately, creating a challenging situation for banks and inconvenience to customers

With a view to increase financial inclusion and drive ATM penetration in the country, the RBI had endorsed the launch of White Label ATMs (WLAs) that allow private non-bank companies to institute and operate their own brand of ATMs in the country. Any non-bank entity with a minimum net worth of ₹ 100 Crores can apply for WLA licence. The primary objective of authorizing non-banks to operate WLAs was to enhance the spread of ATMs in semi-urban and rural areas, specifically in Tier III to VI areas, where bank-owned ATM network was not growing.

WLAs are linked to the National Financial Switch (NFS) of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which means the consumers of any bank can use WLA services seamlessly. WLA Operators manage and operate the ATMs; take care of the infrastructure along with the cash requirement for the ATMs, thus enabling basic banking services. They get paid an interchange fee fixed by the RBI, which is paid by the bank of the consumer who uses their ATM service. They also need to follow stringent security norms specified by RBI as they are regulated by RBI.

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Why Indezon andHitachi Payment services Pvt Ltd?

Indezon Business Pvt Ltd signed agreement in Dec 2019 with Hitachi Payment services for acquisition for White Label ATM machine. With a view to increase our customer satisfaction we offer various plans as per Hitachi Guidelines:

Hitachi ATM Machine

Under this model we offer White label ATM where only cash withdrawal is allowed with best services and commission in industry along with best life time maintenance option.

Transaction Slab Cash Transaction
1-800 Cash transaction 0
801-1500 Cash transaction 11
1501-2000 Cash transaction 12
2001-above Cash transaction 13

HPY WLA Franchisee Model (Garnet Model) -

Under this model you can start business opportunity by investing Rs.229800 as initial Investment, where Rs-110000+GST as one time fees as non-refundable deposit and Rs.100000- as Refundable security .In this Franchisee does not have to any monthly fixed charges.
For Initial first 2100 Transaction in a month Franchisee gets Rs.6.0 for cash transaction and Rs.2 for further transaction. If Franchisee exceed more than 2100 + Txn he is eligible to get Rs.8.50 per txn from 1st transacton.Working capital requirement is 4 to 6 lakh daily.

HPY WLA Franchisee Model (ONYX Model) -

Under this model you can start business opportunity by investing Rs.50000 as refundable security deposit and Rs-50000+GST as one time fees. In this Franchisee does not have to any monthly fixed charges Rs:-9999. Franchisee gets on First 1010 TRX Rs:-13/Cash and After 1011 to above Rs:10 /TRX for cash transaction for and Rs.2 for further transaction. Working capital requirement is 4 to 6 lakh daily.

HYP WLA Beryl Model -

Under this model you can start business opportunity from Rs.91300.Rs.50000 as Refundable Security and Rs.31300+GST as Non Refundable deposit.For Non cash transaction upto 250 transaction –No Commission And post 250 Transaction Rs.2 per transaction.For cash transaction we provide following commission.

Hitachi CRM Machine

Cash Recycling Machines (CRM) is dual function advance ATM machines which accept cash deposits, process the notes and then use that for cash withdrawals. The benefit of deploying a cash recycler is enhanced efficiency both in terms of operations as well as costs. Cash recyclers are able to accept cash from customers and dispense as well. Machines are supported with Bill Validation Technology to ensure genuineness of currency. It is one of the new business option emerged in 2019 where currently few banks are allowed by NCPI in first phase to accept cash. Indezon in capacity of reseller provide this CRM Machine under various plans option and Investment.

HPY WLA Franchise Model CRM – Quartz Model

Under this model you can start business opportunity by investing Rs.100000/- .Rs.50000 as Refundable security deposit and Rs.50000+GST as non-Refundable deposit . In this Franchisee has to pay Rs.14500+GST as monthly fixed charges. Franchisee gets Rs.14 for first 1310 txn and Rs.10 post this as cash transaction commission and Rs.4 for first 1310 and Rs.2 post this as non-cash transaction .Working capital requirement is 3 to 4 lakh daily.

HPY WLA Franchise Model CRM – Coral Model

Under this model you can start business opportunity by investing Rs.100000/- as refundable security deposit and Rs.160000/- + GST as one time fees. In this Franchisee does not have to pay monthly fixed charges. Franchisee gets Rs.6 for cash withdrawal commission and Rs-8 for each cash deposit transaction If Franchisee exceed 2600 transaction in a month Franchisee get Rs.8 per txn from 1st Transaction. Further Rs.2 for non-cash transaction like Balance Inquiry and Mini Statement . Working capital requirement is 3 to 4 lakh daily.


1. How can I Apply white label ATM Machine Business?

2. What are other requirements for applying ATM Machine?

You should have nearby Bank Branch who can provide Daily cash and it should not be far more than 5km from ATM Location and your home should be not be more than 3km from ATM Location. We prefer serious candidate whose age is more than 25 years and entrepreneur skill.

3. Can I apply White Label ATM anywhere I like?

No you should have good location where at least 100+ daily cash transaction can be done. You have to provide photograph and video of location, once site looks good we will visit for further verification. It should not be near to existing Hitachi ATM by 600 Meters and 300 meters for other bank ATM.

4. Can I apply in rented location?

You can apply but you should provide rent/lease agreement of minimum 3 years and into total 9 years of agreement period.

5. How much I earn from ATM Business?

Your monthly income is dependent upon daily transaction and plan you choose. Howeveryou have potential to earn more than 1 lakh per month.

6. What is agreement period and can I close if I don’t like in future?

Agreement period is 9 years and you can close by paying Rs.1 lakh as closure charges plus any other charges at the time of closure

7. What is difference between ATM and CRM Machine?

In ATM Machine Only Cash withdrawal facility is available and in CRM Machine both Cash withdrawal and Deposit is available in single machine and cash deposited is used for withdrawal. Only few banks are available for deposit currently.

8. Is all bank cards accepted in ATM and CRM machine?

All banks cards are accepted in Hitachi ATM machine as per RBI Policy and works same like bank brown Label ATM.

9. Can I shift ATM at any other location in future?

You can shift after 6 months by paying relocation charges. Currently we charge Rs.30000 + GST as relocation charges plus any other charges at the time relocation.

10. Can I change Ownership of ATM?

You can change ownership by providing No Objection certificate (NOC) from old owner and clear all dues before any Owner change.

11. Who will put cash in ATM?

Franchisee is responsible for daily cash loading in ATM Machine .We don’t provide any cash Van facility.

12. From where I will get daily cash?

You should have current account where daily settlement will be paid,You have to visit bank to get cash for ATM

13. Can I Put cash in ATM by collection from market?

No you have to withdraw cash by self-cheque from linked bank account and put equal cash in ATM.We take monthly bank statement to get this verified and issue TDS Certificate based on this.

14. Is there Cash withdrawalTax of 2 % after 1CR cash withdrawal?

Exemption from application of 2% TDS on Cash withdrawals U/s. 194 N of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961) to White Label ATM Operators and its Cash Replenishment Agencies (“CRAs”) and Franchise Agents. Ref:

  • 194 N of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961)
  • Notification from Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue dated September 18, 2019- Notification No. 68/2019/F. No. 370142/12/2019-TPL]

15. Are there any charges for ATM Installation?

Indezon does not charge any ATM Installation fees, brokerage for Installation. Indezon is not responsible if any applicant has paid any fees to any third party agent. Any payment made to Hitachi payment services Pvt Ltd account is only valid and legal.

16. What is the hardware given after approval?

Hitachi Provides ATM Machine/CRM Machine/V-Sat for Internet Connection /Inverter –UPS -Battery / Staplizer / Earthing material as per policy and do all required furnishing for ATM Functioning. No CCTV is provided.Francisee is advised to install at his own cost.

17. When is commission paid and how is settlement done for TXN?

Settlement is done next working day and commission is paid next month after bank statement and pendency is cleared by Franchisee.

18. Who will provide Day to day support?

Indezon will provide day to day support in form of coordination with Hitachi and franchisee. However final support rest with Hitachi Payment services and their vendor. Franchisee is supposed to follow LOI guidelines and agreement term and conditions in case of any dispute.

19. Who to contact for applying Hitachi ATM Machine and one stop solution for ATM Support.

You can call to our Customer care no for getting information about ATM proposal. Also you can call to 9811339311/9891128484 for any query and complaint. You can also write to our helpdesk mail id info@indezon.in

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