Domestic Money Transfer/Money transfer portal

Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) is remittance service offered through Retail agents, Business Correspondents (Agents/CSPs) who are appointed by various service providers pan India who collect cash on customer behalf and transfer money to bank account as requested by customer. Itscard lesstransaction, wherecustomer doesn’t have to go bank to deposit and withdraw cash .You can go nearby agents to transfer money across all Indian Bank.

Agent Service portal is integrated with all Indian Bank in association with NCPI and banks for all IMPS and NEFT Transaction. It safe and secure where money gets transferred within Asecond without wasting any time and waiting in bank question.We provide best online money transfer services.

Money Transfer Agents Business

We provide best money transfer service with low cost and low service charge agency to agent’s .Through our DMT service you can send money to bank account through our secure portal and mobile application. This is very easy to start as business opportunity; you need to have very small shop and little cash to start with. All you have to do is to collect cash from customer and by entering customer account no you can send money. For this you earn very handsome income. You can also start if you have existing shop and want to increase your earing by adding as one more product.

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How ToApply Online Money Transfer Business?

Online money transfer business is very easy to apply. Any individual who is aware and have little knowledge of computer usage can apply. Charges for Money transfer business agency is very low and however commission you earn on each successful transaction is very high .You can increase your income if you provide timely service to your customer who then regularly visit and avoid going to banks.

Benefits to Agents

Increase customer base by adding one more product

Easy to start business

Good and instant commission

Easy to send money 24*7 service available.

Check customer bank account before sending thus avoiding mistake of wrong transfer.

Help in decongestion of bank there by saving nearby bank long question.

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How To Do Money Transfer Transaction?

Domestic money transfer transaction are very easy to use and operate .Once agents login to Indezon money transfer portal, you need to add sender of money by registering his mobile number .After this you have to add beneficiary account no and select IFSC Code from option given in our portal.After this you are required to verify beneficiary by selecting account verify option .Once account is verified you have to enter amount and select IMPS or NEFT option and press submit button .Once done money transfer transaction is done and receipt is generated and customer get SMS authentication from his bank regarding amount credit in his account .

Note: Agents need to follow agents registration process and we provide agent Services at very low price. You can find various service charges from Service plans and costing options.

Send money in 30 Seconds

Sender Registration

To send money to any bank account add sender mobile by Sender OTP Verification in portal.

Beneficiary Registration

beneficiary account details and verify it before sending.

Send Money

Enter Amount and select IMPS/NEFT and send money and get confirmation from bank immediately.